Not all milk
is the same

a2 Milk™ is real and natural milk, free from the
A1 protein. It works better in our bodies and
might just change the way you feel about milk.

90% of Netmums felt a positive difference when they tried a2 Milk™ for just 1 week. In a poll of 155 Netmums members, 85% would recommend a2 Milk™ to a friend.

BBC News discusses the growth of a2 Milk™ – the milk that could change the lives of millions of people that suffer with lactose intolerance. New research demonstrates that even though a2 Milk™ contains lactose it doesn’t trigger symptoms of lactose intolerance in many. Watch the BBC news team try it live on TV.

“…less than 5% of the British population is lactose intolerant. More common is an intolerance to the A1 beta-casein protein found in cow’s milk, which causes similar symptoms to lactose intolerance.”

The Sunday Times

“My kids won’t drink cows’ milk normally since a2 they have been drinking double quantities and actually asking for milk!”

Netmum July 2016

“This milk has encouraged all 3 of my children to have milk on their cereal for the first time in a long time and as a mum that increased calcium consumption is important to me”

Netmum July 2016

“My children have drank more, they are too young to comment on taste, but they don’t usually drink as much ‘normal’ milk so it really surprised me”

Netmum July 2016
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